Welcome To All God’s Children

Welcome to Regeneration Church. We are a Church Family that emphasizes healing, wholeness, restoration and reconciliation. We strive to make each of our members feel loved, supported and cared for, as we walk with them to accomplish their God-Given destiny. "He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love." Ephesians 4:16

Our Service

Join Us For Sunday Service at 10 am
Adults, Kids Church, Pre-K and Nursery.

All are welcome.
Hope to see you there!

192 Broadway
Bethpage, NY 11714
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For more information 516-454-6471

Look What's Happening at Regeneration Now

  • Join Us 
    Sunday Service Begins at 10:00am
    Adults, Kids Church, Pre-K and Nursery
    All are welcome
    Hope to see you there!
    For more info 516-454-6471

  • Pre-Service Prayer
    Want to be ready for Sunday Service?
    Then join us for Pre-Service Prayer
    We meet every Sunday at 9:00am to 9:45am
    Call 516-454-6471
    All are welcome.

  • Celebrate Life! 
    Every Sunday 
    Starting at 9:00am to 10:00am
    at Regeneration Church
    Facilitator: Pastor Joel Silberman
    For more information call 516-454-6471
    All Are Welcome

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  • Marriage Ministry 
    Time: 7:00pm
    Please Note: Meets First Thursday of Each Month
    For more information call 516-454-6471
    All are welcome!

  • Corporate Prayer 
    Corporate Prayer meets first 
    Friday every month at 7:00pm
    All invited! All are welcome!

  • Women's Home Group
    7:30pm (We'll be meeting every 2nd Wed of the Month) 
    Facilitators: Jacque Jackson & Lily Dunne

    For more info call: 516-454-6471

  • The 20/30 Somethings
    When: Every Other Friday Evening At 7:30pm  
    : Pastor Lisa Calabrese
    For more info call: 516-454-6471
    Email: info@regenerationchurchny.com

  • Mom's Group
    When: Every other Thursday Night at 7:30pm
    Instructors: Pastor Lisa Calabrese
    Where: Panera Bread
    For more info call: 516-454-6471
    Email: info@regenerationchurchny.com

  • Pastor Carol’s BIble Study
    The Gospel of John
    Starting Sunday, January 4th at 9:00 am
    All are welcome! 

  • Woodbury Cable 
    Tenderhearted Ministries - Ch. 20
    Tuesday 10am-11am
    Regeneration Church - Ch. 20
    Thursday 12pm-1pm

  • Hauppauge/Brookhaven Cable 
    Tenderhearted Ministries - Ch. 20
    Tuesday 10am-11am
    Regeneration Church - Ch. 20
    Thursday 12pm-1pm

  • Ladies Prayer Group
    Dolores Jackson
    Meets every third Friday 
    of the month @ 7:00pm
    For More Information

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  • Regeneration Women’s Conference 
    Speaker: Gwen Mouliert 
    Friday, Nov. 30th @ 7:00pm
    Saturday Dec. 1st @ 10:00- 3:00
    Sunday, Dec. 2nd - 10:00 am service. 
    All are welcome!
    More info to follow

  • Visit Us on YouTube

  • Queens Public Television
    Tenderhearted Ministries - Ch. 79
    Monday  5pm-6pm
    Tenderhearted Ministries - Ch. 34
    Friday 6pm-7pm


  • Tenderhearted
    New Night- New Season!
    Friday, September 28th
    at 7pm-9:00 pm
    Pastors Joel and Carol teaching on
    "How to Face Your Fear and Beat It!" 

    Discussion Groups for Single and Married.
    All are invited!

Sunday Service

"Our Jewish Roots, Part 3", Pastor Carol Silberman PhD

Original Air Date 6/3/18

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Our Core Values

Regeneration Church is a people who are committed to loving God our Father, His Son Jesus Christ, His Spirit, and His Word.

Forming healthy, loving, stable relationships in our families, our church, and in the communities where we live is essential to honoring one another according to God's Word.

Becoming persons who reflect the character of Christ, living out what we scripturally believe in every area of life.

Learning how to apply Biblical principles to every-day life, so that true regeneration can take place.

To bring forth a relevant message of Christ and His great love for all people. To teach, train, and disciple people in how to apply biblical principles in their every day life so that true regeneration can take place.

To demonstrate the love of Christ to all people by bringing forth the relevant message of the Gospel. We will endeavor to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating environments where people are encouraged, discipled, and equipped to pursue intimacy with God. We will do this through Men's and Women's Home Groups, Tenderhearted Ministries, Mom's Group, 20/30 Something's Group, Marriage Ministry, Children's Church, and Retreats for Men and Women. We are a house of prayer, worship and service for everyone, welcoming all who seek a safe, secure, and a stable environment in which to grow and thrive in the love of Jesus Christ according to the principles found in the Word of God.

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192 Broadway
Bethpage, NY 11714